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Dave DeBard : January 13, 2012 6:21pm (Note: the significance of the date...not a good day for making BAD, not at all!)

Tales's Tarts. That's the new tittilating title for the tantalizing temptresses to take the stage with Tales! The name has absolutely nothing to do with my love of alliteration. Nope, not at all.

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Sooo...if a Tart is also a Simply Model does that make her a SweetTart? Oh, that name is taken? What conflict of interest?!?

And you thought it'd have been easy to find a renn girl with a tart...but NO!!! Anyway, this can represent a time in Tales roughly associated with an alternate 50's reality.

I'm up for any period of history where women BAKE in...very little. Yes, take me there...Dave DeBard "Looks like there may be a veto from a primary Tart...errrr...assistant. (Assistant? I still prefer tart...its just as "nice" as "wench", isn't it?)

January 14 at 7:40pm
Abi: "Lol understand that the alliteration works out but if you call me a "tart" again I'm gonna bring a whole f’in' diseased, corrupt temple down on your head. It's gonna be biblical."

January 14 at 8:01pm
Dave DeBard: "In keeping the peace and not really wanting to see biblical destruction raining down upon me...I hereby desist from calling my assistants, and especially not the best of them, Tarts. At least not often. Or when they are in earshot. Or while they are holding sharp objects. Or if...."

January 16 at 5:44am
So begins the Tale of the Tart. And while we have not ascertained Abi's part in this mess...menagerie...she carries herself like royalty and could be the earthly embodiment of some demi, semi, psuedo or full-fledged deity.

Dave DeBard: "One thing is certain: an angel walks among us. Just be NICE to her...and diseased, corrupt temples everywhere: BEWARE!"

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January 14 at 9:05pm
Dave DeBard: "whew...the diseased, corrupt temple still stands. O,o"

January 15 at 4:07am
AbiGoddess: "Lol lucky for you."

Dave DeBard (as narrator) Faithful (or faithless!) readers will have to go back to the first of the "Tales' Tarts" discussions On the first of those three banners below (with the hot pin-up with a PIE...I looked...a lil while for one with a tart...) begins the "Tale of the Tart", aka "Why Tale's Hotties aren't Called Tarts" for those who like clues in titiculars.

 photo 303540_257581407676514_1283339805_n.jpg

Dave DeBard: "and what exactly is that....oozing out of the walls?

 photo 180267_257579207676734_1461985616_n.jpg

The walls are definitely oozing...and it appears to be getting...chunkier. Oh wait. Its Sunday at the DC Temple (no, not District of Columbia, Direct Current...ask Abigoddess if you can't figure it out yourself...anyway...). That can only mean one thing: pasta night.

While it may be gelatinous, being composed exclusively of protoplasm, the walls are oozing marinara sauce. Just scrape some from the wall or wait till it falls from the ceiling. Yum!”

January 15 at 6:48am
Dave DeBard: "Think I'll wait till Friday. I hear their fish and chips are to die for. I mean, I would hear that but everyone who has eaten it has died. That and they're having some difficulty in finding enough guys named Chip...even fewer named Fish."

January 15 at 10:31am
Abigoddess: "Lol you said you were mad but you're absolutely bat shit crazy! Wtf are you on about?"

Dave DeBard: "Dinner plans, Darlin'. Plain and simple."

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