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Kenna James, Simply’s SweetHeart for August 2015, hardly needs any introduction. First featured in Simply’s Facebook November 2014, she has since been a powerhouse in publication and film!

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This should come as no surprise. Our honey haired dream girl has appeared on the cover of the February issue of 2015 Penthouse, April 2015 on Club, July 2015 on Hustler and nearly twenty adult films; all while continuing her college work to become a veterinarian.

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All this while maintaining a sweet and unaffected attitude, always accentuating the positive. She has the greatest gratitude for what she has accomplished and everyone who has helped her achieve these, especially her fans!

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Kenna is a very open person, personally and professionally. There are very few options she won’t consider and looks to the future with those huge, jade yet unjaded eyes wide open. Expect much more beautiful artistic expression from this SweetHeart for surely it is her destiny!

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When asked for biographical information Kenna simply said, “google me!” Truly, a plethora of information is available on the net for our Sweetie, mostly covered in the glitz and glam of the standard industry treatment of the rising star she is. When pressed further, Kenna made clear her realistic and all to humble approach to her life and career...

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“I'll never let go of where I came from or forget the tiny apartment in Evansville or the strip club I worked at in high school. I'll always come home. I'll never give up my drive for my education or let my dream of becoming a veterinarian. I have no illusions, this won't last, beauty fades, so I chase things that once I attain them they can't be taken away.”

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It is for these reasons and so many more we are intensely honored and immensely pleased to present to you Kenna James, Simply SweetHeart for August 2015!

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